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Year 2014

Ludwig Moser Award 2014

Competition for young glass talents "Ludwig Moser Awards 2014", is for the fourth time announced by the Moser glassworks, which supports the gaining of practical experiences and the individual creation of starting glass generation. Young students of secondary schools, higher vocational schools and glassmaking high schools could send their proposals until 30th May 2014. From the presented designs the 7-members competition panel chose the winner of this competition, who is going to receive the financial reward and a one week practical training at the Moser glassworks connected with the patterning at the glassworks and consultation with glass specialists.

The task for young students from secondary schools and universities was to propose decorative interior objects for the Moser Glassworks that bear the unmistakable Moser style and tradition and satisfy the three basic objectives of the glassworks: colour combinations, craftsmanship and merging tradition with contemporary design. The main assessment criteria were creativity, innovation, functionality, uniqueness and variation.

Competition panel

PhDr. Helena Koenigsmarková - Director of The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
Mgr. Milan Hlaveš Ph.D. - Curator of modern and contemporary glass and ceramics collections, Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
PhDr. Jaroslav Polanecký Ph.D. - Vice-dean for Science and Foreign Affairs, the Faculty of Art and Design, J. E. Purkyne University, Ústí nad Labem 
Ing. Richard Ullisch - Sales and Marketing Director, MOSER, a.s.
Ing. Aleš Strejc - Production Director, MOSER, a.s.
Ing. Jaroslav Červinka - Czech Republic Sales Director, MOSER, a.s.
Lukáš Jabůrek Di.S. - Art Director, MOSER, a.s.

The professional competition panel collected from 57 student proposals, which were sent from 10 Czech schools and each from Poland and Austria. In the category for secondary schools Mr. Radek Brezar from the Secondary Glass School in Železný Brod was awarded with his design of decorative vases The Spripe, Maraca and Simple, which were awarded for a remarkable design. The exceptional appreciation in the category of secondary schools achieved Mr. Michal Stehlík for his design of Saliante bar set from the Secondary Glass School in Železný Brod. In the category of high schools the design of a complex proposition of drinking and decorative set Cinque Torri by Mr. Filip Dobiás from the High School of Decorative Arts in Prague was praised. Special evaluation won Mrs. Daniela Chodilová from the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem for the imaginative and variable design of Chrysalis vase.

Winning designs of the "Ludwig Moser Award 2014"

The festive awards ceremony for the winners of the Ludwig Moser Award 2014 competition took place on the 23th of September, 2014, in the Moser sales gallery at the Oldtown square 15. Except the winning designs also the realized designs from last year were possible to view here.

Festive announcement of the competition "Ludwig Moser Award 2014"