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Year 2013

Ludwig Moser Award 2013

Company, MOSER, a.s., which has been working for 157 years in the production and sale of beverage and decorative crystal, announced the third annual “Ludwig Moser Award 2013” for the best design of decorative objects. The students of secondary schools, higher vocational schools and glassmaking high schools could send their proposals until 12th May 2013. The competition panel chose the winners in two categories. The first category is for secondary schools and higher-vocational schools and the second category is for high schools, academies, universities and colleges. The author of the winning design was awarded the prize money in the amount of CZK 10,000. - and a week internship in Moser Glassworks in Karlovy Vary connected with the implementation of the proposal. The selected designs and implemented works were also presented in the Moser Art Gallery in Prague.

The task was to create a decorative crystal range consisting of a vase, bowl, candlestick, eventually other object for use in interior which would be a bearer of Moser's tradition and craft. Emphasis was put on traditional hand made production and contemporary design inter-connection. New decorative set should follow both products and of thought idea enabling glassworks to develop and keep creating its own original style. One of the main requirement was to meet benefits of unique colour combinations and refining techniques, like cutting, engraving, sand blasting and gilding, so distinctive for Moser glassworks. The main principle of designs valuation was a degree of creativity, innovation, originality and cleverness, way of its realization taking into account specifics of hand made production, functionality, combination of colours, utilization of various refining techniques, shaping, cutting, engraving and glueing.


Competition panel

Ing. Aleš Strejc - Production Director, Moser glassworks a.s.
Ing. Jaroslav Červinka - Director of Sales, Czech Republic, Moser glassworks a.s.
Di.S. Lukáš Jabůrek - Art Director, Moser glassworks a.s.
PhDr. Helena Koenigsmarková - Director of Museum of Applied Arts, Prague
Mgr. Milan Hlaveš Ph.D - Curator of glass and ceramic modern and contemporary collection at Museum of Applied Arts, Prague
PhD. Jaroslav Polanecký Ph.D - Vice-Dean for Science and Foreign Faculties at the Faculty of Art and Desing, J.E.Purkyňe University, Ústí nad Labem
Mgr. Markéta Vejrostová - Chief of Utility Glass Department, Curator of glass, metal, and oriental art collection at Moravian Gallery, Brno

The professional panel chose from 41 designs, which were sent from 7 art schools. In the category for secondary school Mr. Jakub Mendel from the Secondary Glass School in Železný Brod was awarded with his design of decorative vases The Stratis. They were praised for a stylish innovative approach that uses traditional Moser handicraft and colour combinations. Mrs. Adéla Lakomá from the Tomas Bata University was praised for the set Edge in the category of high schools. These crystal items combine tradition with a new perspective and respect for the works of Moser Glassworks. Special prize was awarded to Mr. Šimon Vozka from the Secondary Glass School in Železný Brod for his decorative set Bubbles. This set was praised for an insightful, playful and humorous approach full of colour, variations and beautiful optics.

Winning designs of the "Ludwig Moser Award 2013"


The awards ceremony for the winners of the Ludwig Moser Prize 2013 took place on the 10th of October, 2013, in the Moser sales gallery in Prague, Na Příkopě 12, as part of the 15th annual “Days of Design in Prague – Designblok”. Except the winning designs the Design Moser 2013 collection was presented together with the design of Ludwig Moser Prize 2012 winner Tomáš Podracký. These hand-cut decorative vases Towers became a part of the new Moser 2014 collection.

Festive announcement of the competition "Ludwig Moser Award 2013"