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Year 2012

Ludwig Moser Award 2012

From 1st to 31st August 2012 the students of secondary and high schools could register their designs and concepts to the second year of the "Ludwig Moser Award" competition organized by Moser, a.s.

The appraisal of the competition was planned for two categories. First category for the secondary schools and the other for the high schools.

The motto of the competition was "Moser in the future". The mutual heritage of the Moser glassworks develop and take part in the appearance of the Czech glass design.
Main criterion in the consideration was the originality, creativity, innovative attitude, possibility of the realization, functionality, combination of colours and using decorative techniques, cutting, engraving.


Competition panel

Ing. Aleš Strejc - Production Director, Moser glassworks a.s.
Ing. Jaroslav Červinka - Director of Sales, Czech Republic, Moser glassworks a.s.
Di.S. Lukáš Jabůrek - Art Director, Moser glassworks a.s.
PhDr. Helena Koenigsmarková - Director of Museum of Applied Arts, Prague
Mgr. Milan Hlaveš Ph.D - Curator of glass and ceramic modern and contemporary collection at Museum of Applied Arts, Prague
PhD. Jaroslav Polanecký Ph.D - Vice-Dean for Science and Foreign Faculties at the Faculty of Art and Desing, J.E.Purkyňe University, Ústí nad Labem
Mgr. Markéta Vejrostová - Chief of Utility Glass Department, Curator of glass, metal, and oriental art collection at Moravian Gallery, Brno
Ing. Jitka Pokorná - Gallerist, Owner of the glass gallery
Jarmila Mucha Plocková - Alfons Mucha´s granddaughter

The panel chose from twenty very original designs. The winning “Ludwig Moser Award 2012“ was received by Mr. Tadeáš Podracký for decorative cut vases “Towers” in the category of colleges and the Special Prize for designing decorative vases in the category of secondary schools was awarded to a student, Ms. Zuzana Kubelková. The author of the best appraised design got from the panel a financial prize in the amount of 10 000,-Kč, fourteen days stay at the Moser glassworks connected with the realization of the winning design and participation at the exhibition in New York and Prague.

Winning designs of the "Ludwig Moser Award 2012"


The festive announcement took place in the Prague sales gallery Na Příkopě on 3rd October 2012 while the opening of the Designblok 2012 - the show of the Czech and world´s design.

A collection of crystal bowls produced by the glassworks as per design of Ms. Světlana Svatošová, the graduate of the Secondary School of Industry and High Scholl of Glassmaking at Nový Bor deserved a great deal of attention. The design of this young and talented glass artist was implemented by and included into the glassworks’ production programme thanks to its invention and demands on craftsmanship.

Moser glassworks thus further develops the tradition of supporting the work of young designers. We can all look forward to their future works which will bring new impulses to the Czech glass design.

Festive announcement of the competition "Ludwig Moser Award 2012"