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Moser in the VIP society

The luxurious Moser crystal have soon become the pretentious property of the royal families. The Moser glass is often the witness of many important moments in lives of the VIPs. Moser crystal products are being used to a toast during royal wedding, but also at the most important meetings of the top representatives of the political world (Madeleine Albright, Barack Obama). The crystal awards from the production of the Moser manufactory are presented for exceptional achievements to the participants of the famous International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary. Among these belong the most popular film stars, such as Robert Redford and Whoopi Goldberg. This is just a small selection from the VIPs who had an oportunity to meet the hand made Moser crystal. View our photo galleries and let the feelings of the VIPs savour on yourself, enhanced by the luxurious Moser crystal, too.