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Moser Book

A new book relates the tale of a glass gem Moser 1857 - 2017

We are presenting a unique publication, mapping the 160 year history of the Czech glassmaking craft. Its 420 pages use both text and pictures to depict the lavish story of the Moser Glassworks and its genius loci.

Lovers of glass and design, collectors, experts and admirers of traditional handmade works should not miss Moser 1857 - 2017. To celebrate the 160th anniversary of the Czech glassworks manufactory, it reveals all the secrets from the historical and contemporary production of Bohemian crystal. The reader will get acquainted with more than four hundred of the most interesting items or documents relating to the very pinnacle of handmade artistic glassware.

Jan Mergl & Lenka Pankova Merglová, art historians who have spent many years covering Moser glass, worked on the book’s preparation. They endeavoured to introduce Czech glass in the broadest and most comprehensive manner possible and to show the most important and most attractive examples of decorative and beverage glass across 160 years of production.

The book is available in Moser’s sales galleries in the Czech Republic in both Czech and English versions, price CZK 1800.