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Moser and International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary Awards

The exclusive producer of the festival´s prizes is the Moser glassworks. Since the beginning of the festival the main prize was always titled Crystal Globe. Its shape has often changed. The present form of the girl lifting the crystal globe exists since the 36th International Film Festival in 2001.

Festival awards

  • The Crystal Gobe in the design with a girl holding a crystal ball is hand made in two options:
  1. the large golden trophy for the best film and for filmmakers chosen for their lifetime contribution
  2. the large silver trophy presents the IFF KV President’s Award, Special Jury Prize, the award for directing, for female and male performances, the Audience Award, and the award for best documentary film

Design of festival awards

The basic shape was designed by renowned photographer Tono Stano, who used Ema Černáková, the second runner-up for Miss Czech Republic 2001, as his model. The sculptural work was done by Martin Krejzlík.

The Crystal Globe Production

The statues of this girl are today produced in the studio of Miloš Vacek, the crystal balls at Moser Glassworks in the workshop of master glassmaker Milan Man, and the mounting and gluing is done by master cutter Jiří Khás.

It’s a great feeling to see something in the hands of celebrities that you had a hand in making,” says master cutter Jiří Khás.

Producing the globes is a complex process consisting of dozens of operations that end in filmmakers holding a bronze statue of a girl lifting a crystal ball. Production of the crystal ball begins in the mill. Molten glass at a temperature of thousands of degrees Celsius is formed into a diameter of 11.5 centimetres. After cooling, the glass ball makes its way to the workshop, where it is hand cut and polished into the shape of a globe. Finally, the ball is attached to the statue at three points.

The Moser company produces the prices in the cooperation with the sculptural studio of Miloš Vacek, who creates these statues. The second part - crystal globe - comes from the skilful hands of masters studio led by Radek Vachousek. The prices are completed and glued namely by Jiří Khás.

I must scoop up only pure glass to ensure that the crystal ball is shiny. From 10 balls you get 5, sometimes 2, depending on the glass,” is how glassblower Radek Vachoušek describes the difficult production.

The first phase of the production of the trophy is the production of the bronze statue, which  proceeds in the Prague studio of the sculptor Miloš Vacek. There is an interesting fact – the awards of the Academy of popular music are made in this studio. Production of the statues is a specific work, which is saved by the sculptor as a production secret, let´s mention just several remarks:

  • The bronze is melted in a gas furnace including a small pan with the contents of about 80 kg of bronze. After several hours of melting and mixing, the pan is dispensed from the furnace and it is ready for casting.
  • The forms for the casting are made of sand in a metal frame and dried in a stove, which is also in the studio of Mr. Vacek. After the cooling of the bronze the forms are divided into parts and the corpus of the statue is removed from them. The semi-product doesn´t remind of the beauty of the final look of the golden or silver statue at all.
  • As soon as the corpus of the statue is cooled enough, the useless parts are removed and the procedure can continue with the surface adjustments, such as polishing by mild burnishers usually used in the technology of metal chasing to a high gloss, gilding or silvering.

The second part of the trophy - the crystal ball - is made in the Moser crystal manufactory.

  • The molten glass is taken on the pipe and the centre of the ball is moulded. The centre is covered with a required mass of molten glass. The mass of the glass receives its general shape and then the final shape of the ball is formed by the wooden shaping block with the exact radius. After partial cooling, the ball is broken away from the pipe and cooled in a cooling furnace. After complete cooling, the head is removed, the place after removing the head is polished and the whole ball is polished to a high gloss.
  • The final phase of the production of the Girl with the crystal bowl is the completion of the trophy, which means adhering of the ball to the bronze statue with the glue hardened by the UV radiation.

“I have to find the right position and then possibly do some touching up before gluing. The crystal balls have to be adjusted so that they easily go into the hand of the bronze statuette. The preparation of each ball lasts two to three hours,” says cutter Jiří Khás.

Even famous movie stars pay their tributes to the art of Czech glassmakers

In addition to the movies, Karlovy Vary also offers a design experience. Of course, only the chosen few receive the main prize of the festival, the crystal globes made by Moser. Even famous actors, among whom we can mention Helen Mirren, Susan Sarandon, John Malkovich, Robert Redford and others who received the crystal globe for their outstanding artistic contribution to world cinema, made no secret of their curiosity about its look. Crystal glass made by Moser of Karlovy Vary has a good reputation around the world.

See the photogallery of awarded VIP's of IFF Karlovy Vary

When in the year 2012 British actress Helen Mirren accepted the prize for lifetime contribution, she quipped about the crystal globe:

“I hope that my husband will survive, because this crystal prize is a big weapon", quipped Helen Mirren.

The globe in festival shots

In the popular film shots at IFF, where the holders of the Globe for Outstanding Artistic Contribution appear (D. DeVito, J. Law, Andy Garcia, J. Menzel, M. Forman, J. Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Věra Chytilová and others), the crystal award produced by Moser is given almost the main role. The humorous use of the crystal award in normal everyday life is very original in the film clips of Ivan Zachariáš and Martin Krejčí. For example, in the clip with J. Menzel, the famous director is seen observing, through the optics of the crystal ball, a lovely young cleaning lady. In the clip with A. Garcia, the globe serves the famous actor as a battering ram. The spot with Jude Law has the actor, for a change, using it in place of the statue stolen off the hood of his car.

“When we filmed the festival spot with Jude Law, we had to borrow a Rolls Royce, where we changed the famous figure of Emily on the radiator for the festival prize. The owner of the car was at the shoot and when he saw the festival award on the radiator, he said: ‘I prefer it a lot more, couldn’t you just leave it there for me?’ I think the creators of this trophy couldn’t wish for a greater compliment," says Mr. Marek Eben, host of the IFF KV.

The copy of the main festival award is displayed in the new museum in the Moser glassworks in Karlovy Vary - Dvory.

Technical specification of the large festival trophy:
- total height 42cm
- height of the statue without the ball 39cm
- total weight 5kg
- weight of the statue without the ball 3,2kg
- the ball with the diameter of 11,5cm is made of lead free sodium-potash crystal and is adhered to the statue in three points.

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