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Moser supports the upcoming generation of glass artists

Cooperation between Moser glassmakers and the young, upcoming generation has more than one hundred and fifty years of tradition. Leo Moser, the son of the glassworks’ founder, was in regular contact with a number of applied arts schools both at home and abroad (the first big international success came in 1925 by students from the studio of Professor Vratislav H. Brunner at the exhibition of decorative arts in Paris). This tradition of the Moser Glassworks cooperating with glassmaking colleges, high-schools and applied arts colleges continues to develop.

For the first time in 2011 Moser Glassworks announced a new competition for young, creative talents from secondary and higher vocational glassmaking colleges and arts universities: The Ludwig Moser Award. The competition winner receives a placement at the Moser Glassworks along with patterning at the smelter and consultations with glassmaking experts. For the glassworks, cooperation with young artists brings a new, unconventional view of contemporary design.

The Ludwig Moser Award is important for providing three levels of obtaining invaluable practical experience:

  • The first experience is creating their own original design for a specific product as ordered by a company, i.e. the Moser Glassworks
  • The winning designs are made at the glassworks and put on show at prestigious international fairs in Paris, Frankfurt, New York and Atlanta. Here the works are assessed by visitors from the ranks of professionals and potential customers, which is another irreplaceable experience for the young designer
  • The most successful works are included in the glassworks’ production programme. Here the young designer garners experience in the important relationship of designer-manufacturer-customer

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