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Knížák Milan

Knížák Milan

* 19.4.1940, Pilsen, Czech Republic

Prof. Milan Knížák is a prestigious Czech artist, musician and performer, has been changing the face of the Moser Glassworks with his artistic designs. From 1999 until May 2011 he was the General Director of the National Gallery in Prague. From 1990-1997 he was a rector at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where he also worked as a professor at the Intermedia Studio until 2015. He has organised more than one hundred exhibitions and taken part in hundreds of joint exhibitions over almost the entire globe. He has published dozens of books and catalogues and a number of albums. His works are represented in major collections, galleries and museums all over the world. He says of himself “I’m as fatuous as ever”.

You might give me a good going over, but you won’t change me an inch.


Academy of Arts, Prague, Czech Republic

Individual exhibitions

1958 - Cultural and Social Centre, Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic
1963 - Malostranská beseda, Prague - Exhibition on the wall, the New World, Prague, Czech Republic
1964 - Gallery Viola, Prague, Czech Republic
1968 - Fluxus West, San Diego, Kalifornie, USA
1970 - Gallery Art Intermedia, Köln, Germany
1972 - Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund, Germany
1976 - Gallery „A“, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1980 - Some documentary, Gallery Ars Viva, Berlin, Germany
1980 - Gallery “A”, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1980 - Gallery Baecker, Bochum, Germany
1980 - Oldenbourgh Kunstverein, Oldenbourgh, Germany
1980 - Museum Helmstedt, Germany
1983 - Neue Gedanken, Gallery Ars viva, Berlin, Germany
1983 - Activities, documentry Gallery Gruppe Grün, Bremen, Germany
1983 - Rank Xerox, Hannover, Germany
1984 - Gallery Baecker, Köln, Germany
1984 - Licht und Raum design, Köln, Germany
1985 - Gallery Camomille, Bruxelles, Belgium
1986 - Gallery UXA, Novara, Italy
1986 - Lauter Ganze Hälften, Kunsthalle Hamburg, Germany
1986 - Softhard, Museo Alchimia, Milano, Italy
1986 - OEKBZ, Köln, Germany
1987 - Gallery Potocka, Krakow, Poland
1987 - Liget gallery, Budapest, Hungary - Kleider auf dem Körper gemalt,
1987 - Sprengel Museum, Hannover, Germany
1987 - Burning mind projects, Gallery Wewerka, Hannover, Germany Museum
1988 - Proposals for the completion of the Old Town Hall, VHMP, Prague, Czech Republic
1988 - A bit of architecture, Cultural center Opatov, Praha
1988 - DAAD Gallery, design, Berlin, Germany
1989 - Documentation, ZSVV, Košice, Slovakia
1989 - Milan Knížák 1953-88, House of Art Brno, Czech Republic
1989 - Milan Knížák, Preunschen, Germany
1989 - Arbeiten 63-89, Ed Hundertmark, Köln, Germany
1989 - Gallery La Coupolle, Neu Isenburg, Germany
1990 - Gallery of Prague, Czech Republic
1990 - Gallery Beneditka Rejta, Louny, Czech Republic
1990 - Gallery 4 (fotografie), Cheb, Czech Republic
1990 - Prašná brána, Prague, Czech Republic
1990 - Market Holešovice, Prague, Czech Republic
1990 - Prodomo (design), Wien, Austria
1990 - Gallery Baecker, Köln, Germany
1990 - Gallery of Bratislava, Slovakia
1991 - Neo-Knizak, Museo Mudima-Foundation, Milano, Italy
1991 - Gallery of Art, Nové Zámky, Slovakia
1991 - Ghislave Gallery, Paris, France
1991 - Gallery Baecker, Köln, Germany
1991 - Fluggefühl, Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany
1992 - Something, Gallery At the White Unicorn, Klatovy, KASS Mariánské Lázně, X-centrum Plzeň, Povážská galerie Žilina, Slovakia
1992 - Das geküste Haus, Ruine der Künste, Berlin, Germany
1992 - UFO-OFU, Gallery MxM, Praha, Czech Republic
1992 - North Scholl of Art, Adelaide, Australia
1992 - Double compositions, Gallery Gelbe music, Berlin, Germany
1992 - Erotic drawings, Polish Cultural Center, Prague, Czech Republic
1992 - I give not a fig for you, I want to be a bird, Museum Olomouc, Czech Republic
1993 - Micro hall art Center Literatorium, Edeacht-klein Scharrel, Germany
1993 - Milan Knizak-objekte, skulpturen, Gallery Traklhaus, Salzburg, Austria
1993 - Castle in Castle, Sovinec, Czech Republic
1993 - BMC, Galerie MxM, Prague, Czech Republic
1994 - Dialogue, Liebliche Trauma, Reichstag Berlin, Germany
1994 - Confused images, AVU Prague, Czech Republic
1994 - Paintings larger formats, Třinec, Czech Republic
1994 - Paintings larger formats, Český Těšín, Czech Republic
1994 - Without a name, Foyer theater, Kolín, Czech Republic
1995 - Table as an image, an image as a table, Galerie Genia Loci, Prague, Czech Republic
1996 - New Paradise, Exhibition Hall Mánes, UMPRUM museum, Prague, Czech Republic
1996 - The ruins of a new paradise, Gallery Genia Loci, Prague, Czech Republic
1996 - New Paradise, Gallery Ranný Architects, Prague, Czech Republic
1996 - New Paradise, design a fashion, Gallery modern Art, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
1996 - New Paradise, Hrad Bítov, Czech Republic
1996 - Without reason, Center for culture and education in Ostrava, Czech Republic
1997 - Unsure view, Gallery Caesar, Olomouc, Czech Republic
1997 - Hidden originality, Gallery Kramář, Prague, Czech Republic
1997 - An attempt at convention, Gallery Malovaný dům, Třebíč, Czech Republic
1998 - Concrete sculptures for exterior, eden CONCON’ 98, Veletržní palác, Prague, Czech Republic
1998 - Van Gogh’s dream and a few sculptures, Damascus, Syria
1998 - Holidays with the intruder, Gallery V. Špály, Prague, Czech Republic
1999 - Images-objects, Gallery Prostějov, Czech Republic
2000 - Memories of memories, Gallery 761, Ostrava, Czech Republic
2000 - Weiche Schatten, Tschechisches Zentrum, Berlin, Germany
2000 - Hommage a Wolf Vostel, Wewerka Gallery Berlin, Germany
2000 - Milan Knížák, Gallery Blansko, Czech Republic
2000 - With pleasure anywhere, Gallery Mánes, Prague, Czech Republic
2000 - Documentation, Czech center, Moscow, Russia
2000 - Milan Knížák, Castle Fryštát-Karviná, Czech Republic
2001 - Zaproszenie na wystawe prac Milana Knížáka!, Palac Gorków Muzeum Archeologiczne, Poznan, Poland
2002 - Milan Knížák, The Basilica St. Gereon, Köln, Germany
2002 - Trivia, Gallery JCM, Castle Dobříš, Czech Republic
2003 - Misses from my head, Exhibit Hall Mánes, Prague, Czech Republic
2003 - Es ahnelt der Mathematik, Kunstforum beim Rathaus, Hallein, Austria
2004 - Milan Knížák, Art Scarpulin, Merano, Italy
2004 - Milan Knížák, Egon Schiele Art Centrum, Č.Krumlov, Czech Republic
2004 - Milan Knížák, committee of work, Museum Prácheň, Písek, Czech Republic
2005 - I am also a landscape, City museum Nové Pace. Organized in the framework of X.year Festival Muzika Paka, Czech Republic
2005 - Milan Knížák, Gallery Moravská Brno, Czech Republic
2005 - Landscapes, Gallery bří Špillarů, Domažlice, Czech Republic
2005 - Upside down is the right way up, City Gallery Špejchar, Chomutov, Czech Republic
2007 - Gallery of West Bohemia in Plzeň, Czech Republic
2007 - Exhibit Hall Mánes, Prague, Czech Republic
2008 - "It's all my fault", theater Vrchlického, Louny, Czech Republic
2009 - "Martian in Ostrava", Gallery Beseda, Ostrava, Czech Republic
2010 - "Van Gogh's Dream", Museum Semily, Czech Republic
2011 - Thing/Thought:  Fluxus Editions, 1962 – 1978, MoMA, NY, USA


1977 - award Jiřího Koláře, Prague, Czech Republic
1992 - Grand Prix on V. International Triennale drawings, Wroclav, Poland
1997 - Medal of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the 1st degree for teaching activity, Prague, Czech Republic
1997 - Historical seal of the city of Pilsen, Plzeň, Czech Republic
2002 - Award of the year for lifetime artistic activity,“ARTeon”, Poznan, Poland
2006 - Presentation of the award Universitas Foundation Masarykiana, Brno, Czech Republic
2006 - Product of the year New Generation, Design center Czech Republic
2006 - 3rd place in the category Progressive technology / material, the International Fair Housing MOBITEX, Czech Republic
2009 - Jubilee medal Josef Hlávka, Czech Republic
2010 - Honors awarded by the President of the State of Merit in the field of culture and art, first degree, Czech Republic

Zastoupení ve sbírkách

Monument of National Literature, Strahov, Prague, Czech Republic
Archiv Sohm, Stadtgalerie Stutgart, Germany
Museum Sprengel, Hannover, Germany
Silverman’s collection, Michigan, USA
Jeanne Brown’s collection, Mass., USA
Museo Vostell, Malpartida de Cáceres, Spain
Neuberger Museum, N.Y., USA
Sammlung Feelisch, Remscheid, Germany
Sammlung Ruepp, Remscheid, Germany
Fluxeum, Wiesbaden, Germany
Kunstmuseum Bochum, Bochum, Germany
Graphothek Bremen, Germany
Kunsthalle Hamburg, Germany
Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund, Germany
Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Germany
Museum für angewandte Kunst, Wien, Austria
Gallery B. Rejta, Louny, Czech Republic
Museum Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, Germany
Museum of Applied Arts, Prague, Czech Republic
Gallery Moravská, Brno, Czech Republic
Permanent exhibition in Pilsen museum – jih, castle Blovice, Czech Republic
Museum Narodowe, Warszawa, Poland
Sammlung Ludwig, Aachen, Germany
Tate gallery, United Kingdom
National Gallery, Praha, Czech Republic
Modern Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Mudima Foundation, Milano, Italy
Stadtgalerie Stuttgart, Germany
MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA
Museet for Samtidskunst/Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark
Gesellschaft der Freunde der Neuen Galerie, Graz, Austria
Art Museum Olomouc, Czech Republic
Trevi Flash Art Museum (Perugia), Italy
Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, USA
Museum Huelsmann, Bielefeld, Germany