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Illo Patrik

Illo Patrik

* 1973, Slovakia

Patrik Illo graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (Department of Glass Art, Intermedia Painting Atelier, Department of Art), he studied abroad in the UK, France and Italy.  He collaborates with the leading glassworks in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland, he proposes designs for the leading European producer of household glass, he spends his time on experimental design and curatorial activities.

His work combines a respect for craftsmanship and experimentation, the design of serial products and the creation of unique artefacts. His freestyle work is characterised by its exaggeration and humour, he assigns common objects a different expression and provocative sense, besides glass he also works with other materials such as plush, leather and textiles.

His works are on display in galleries and private collections in Europe and the USA.  His designs can be found in thousands of households around the world. Patrik Illo holds many awards for design and visual arts, such as the Design Plus prize (Germany), the National Design Award - recognition (Slovakia), Dobry Wzór - Finalist (Poland) Oskár Čepan Award - Finalist (Slovakia), Daily Use Articles Trade Fair (CDAFT) - Best Design 2014 (China) and others.