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Hand Production of Moser crystal


Each Moser product requires hours of hand made work by glass masters. Secrets of hand skill are handed down from old glass-makers generation to the younger ones. To become a glass-master take years of hard work. Apart from talent, glass-masters need to have enough physical power to manage holding in their hands vases or bowls weighted up to dozens of kilograms. No matter what they do – working by a furnace with molten glass at the temperature of 1200° C inside, gouging out wooden moulds by hand,  cutting, painting, gilding or polishing gold all by hand or taking several months of patient work on art engravings, this art craft was and still has been our glass-makers’ mission. The Moser crystal is unrivalled same as the glassworks itself and workers in. Enjoy the right atmosphere of hand glass-making by Moser Glassworks excursion. We look forward to you! More information to each hand-production technique including photo galleries and videos on the links below:

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