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General Crystal Care Tips and Recommendation

Secret of the Moser crystal uniqueness

Since glass works foundation in 1857, Moser focuses on the production of crystal glass free from lead, which stands out for its hardness and lustre. The secret of how lead-free crystal glass is melted is the company’s know-how. One of the most important characteristics of the Moser crystal is its extraordinary vivacity and hardness of molten glass providing unparalleled advantages when further refined by cutting or engraving.

General Crystal Care Tips and Recommendation

  • Always wash your crystal products by hand without using a dishwasher.
  • Avoid products from contact with hard and sharp objects.
  • Carefully manipulate crystal products making sure to avoid surface scratching.
  • Use polishing preparations to prevent influence of the natural process of gold and platinum oxidation.
  • Store your crystal where it won’t touch other items.
  • It is recommended not to toast with Moser glassware.
  • Protect products from a sudden change in temperature.
  • Products must not be placed in the microwave or conventional oven as they may be damaged.
  • Do not store food or drink for a long time in crystal containers.
  • Moser products are not suitable for drinks at temperatures over 40 °C.

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