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Field of Study

In order to carry out key blue-collar professions, the Moser Glassworks offers all graduates of primary schools the opportunity to train as an apprentice Producer and Refiner of Glass (28-58-H/01) at our partner school.

Professional focus:

A glassworker of hollow and pressed glass

The students gain knowledge about glass, they learn the basic work activities and operations at a glass furnace.

Glass Cutter

Pupils in this profession are taught to refine glass by cutting on glass-cutting machines.

Conditions for acceptance on the apprenticeships:

The necessary results during their studies at primary school and the submission of an application form within the deadline to the Karlovy Vary School of Applied Arts, Náměstí 17. listopadu 12, 360 05Karlovy Vary, Phone: +420 353 563 875.

During the study Moser offers:

A contribution of CZK 1,000 for school supplies after entering the 1st year of study, a scholarship from the 2nd year for making progress in craftsmanship (500-700 CZK/month)

After a successful apprenticeship Moser offers:

  • a recruitment allowance of CZK 50,000, upon signing an employment contract
  • guaranteed earnings during the adaptation period (1st year of employment)
  • above average earnings after adaptation
  • medical care including physiotherapy in our own facilities
  • assistance in resolving housing issues

Continuing education in the glass industry - a three-year follow-up distance learning course for graduates of the apprenticeships

For more detailed information please contact Dana Delinčáková, personnel manager MOSER, a.s., Kpt. Jaroše 46/19, 360 06 Karlovy Vary, Phone: +420 353 416 127, email:

When preparing young glass professionals MOSER, a.s. works with these vocational schools in the Czech Republic - the Secondary School of Glassmaking in Kamenicky Senov and the Higher Professional Glass School and Secondary School in Nový Bor.