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Features of Moser crystal

Each product is the more specific, the more it differs from similar products on the market. In this chapter, you can learn more about typical charakteristics of Moser products, which different them from the competitors.

What are the Moser characteristics?

exlusive hand-making

hand blowing into moulds, hand shaping of products, hand cut, hand engraving, hand painting, hand painting with gold or platinum, hand polishing to a high gloss

only ecologically lead-free crystal is used

we protect health of our glassmakers and our customers; we protect living environment

edges of cut glass are clearily precise

in diference of machine-produced glass the edges of hand-made Moser crystal are clearily precise

unmatched Moser colours

Moser´s colours are melting down with mixture of raw materials and oxides, the specific colouring is determined by precise dose rate of each ingredience, which keeps a mystery of master glassmakers forever

attractive design

Moser Glassworks follows the trends in glass design area and thank to cooperation with the best Czech glass artists, as for example Roubíček René, Plesl Rony, Šuhájek Jiří, studio Olgoj Chorchoj, creates objects with very attractive design.

VIP owners

Luxury Moser crystal has also the famous VIP owners (presidents, kings, maharajas, princesses and the most famous film celebrities of the world).