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Ecologically friendly lead-free crystal

Since 1857, Moser has been using entirely lead-free crystal for manufacturing of its products.

Characteristics of the Moser´s lead free crystal:

  • silicious natrium-potassium glass with a higher contents of potash oxide beyond natrium oxide
  • the basic raw materials by the melting are glass-making sand, soda, potash and calcite
  • a specific, high quality, translucent and colourless species of glass
  • the weight contents of oxides of metals zinc (ZnO), barium (BaO) and potassium (K20) together or individually is higher than 10%, by the density higher than 2,40 with the index of breakage higher than 1,52
  • all usual decorative techniques can be applied (hand cutting and engraving, painting with metal layers – gold, platinum, painting, sandblasting etc.)
  • suitable for tincturing, clearer colours in the spectrum
  • mechanically harder than the lead crystal, which can be visible on the distinctly cut edges of the products and the exactness of the engraved designs

Advantages of the Moser lead-free crystal:

  • doesn´t damage the health of Moser´s glassmasters
  • environmentally friendly
  • enables the customers enjoy their drink from a clear crystal without addition of lead

Moser crystal products are a high quality, translucent and brillant products with extraordinary usable features.