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Company culture

Company management rules of Moser glassworks

The Moser glassworks is a public limited company (PLC), managed by a statutory body – the board of directors. The board controls the company activity and acts in its name. The board makes decisions on all the company matters that are not assigned to the shareholders´ meeting by generally binding legal regulations or articles of association. The company is organizationally structured into several sections/departments managed directly by the managing director of the company. These sections are headed by deputy directors and heads of departments. The fundamental organizational and management norm at Moser is the Organization order, which defines the basic company structure and organization development policy. Among other significant organization and management company norms there is the Working order and a system of directives, instructions and decisions made by the managing director and other management members.

Image of the employee

The main company goal is to have the right people on the right positions. The Moser glassworks considers it its priority to fill any vacant positions with its internal staff. This is the main aim of the long-time Plan of human resources development. The employee depending on their working positions use set working hours or flexi time. Furthermore, the glassworks use equalized or non-equalized working hours. The staff is obliged to take care of their image with regard to the fact that they represent themselves and their profession or trade as well as their employer.

Personnel care

The fundamental document which regulates the rules of personnel care is the collective agreement. The collective agreement annually results from collective negotiations between the company management and the company committee of the labour unions. It regulates the relations between the employer and the employees. Beyond the generally binding legal regulations, the collective agreement regulates primarily the work law obligations, such as

  • wages (wage tariffs and the wage increase, bonuses and further benefits in the wage field – remunerations on the occasion of life jubilees, loyalty bonuses)
  • care of the employees (boarding in the company’s facility and medical care provided by the company’s medical facilities)
  • safety and health protection at work

Benefits of employment

Among the benefits of employment there is support in the housing shortage by providing a short-time accommodation or financial help. Moreover, there are pension insurance contributions, 1 week of holiday above the claim prescribed by law, board contributions, free influenza vaccination, preventive health care programs and rehabilitation, the claim on glass at a favourable price after one year with the company.