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Colours of Moser crystal, secret formula

The secret of the production of inimitable Moser colours rests in combining the highest quality raw materials which are melted with the admixture of precious soils and metal oxides. Moser colours follow from semi-precious mineral colours and are characterized by specific shades. Thanks to the abilities of Moser glass makers and the creativity of collaborating glass artist’s unique products of various colour combinations and shades are made in the glass works. Typical representatives of the Moser scale of colours are overlay and underlay colours such as amethyst (violet), rose, blue, aurora (orange), reseda (yellow-brown) and green or popular six-colour sets consisting of crystal, aquamarine (light blue), rosaline (pink), beryl (light green), eldor (light yellow), topaz (honey brown) and alexandrite (light violet) which changes its intensity and colour shadow from bluish to dark violet depending on the kind of lighting.