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Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin

Each crystal product from Moser comes with a certificate of origin. The certificate guarantees the origin and the highest quality of the product purchased.

Crystal from Moser Glassworks is entirely hand-blown, cut and decorated. The Moser brand, active since 1857, guarantees a high level of craftsmanship, original design and unmistakable beauty. Its timeless artistic and user value allows Moser crystal to create a distinctive lifestyle and likewise advantageous investment opportunities.

The uniqueness of Moser products is confirmed by its membership in the prestigious community of the French luxury brand Comité Colbert. The main objective of the association is to disseminate and promote values like tradition, craftsmanship, creativity and innovation throughout the world.

Every year, Moser Glassworks brings out a new art collection based on the contemporary designs of renowned glass designers, as well as on the most successful designs of the glassworks from the most famous stylistic period during the second half of the 19th century to the here and now. Glass masters work together with Moser to create unique studio work for individual clients.

Limited Moser Collections

Limited collections also come with a certificate with the number of the limited edition and signature of the authors. Crystal products also come with the number of the limited edition and signature of the designer or engraver. The Moser logo can naturally be found on all Moser crystal products.

Principles of taking care of Moser crystal products

Let the work of Moser crystal forever be a valuable part of the art collections of their owners and let their artistic value and craftsmanship be enjoyed by many generations of connoisseurs and admirers of crystal beauty.