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Drinking set Poppyhead 29960

  • design: 2011, Plesl Rony, Czech Republic
  • original drinking set from the Fresh From Moser 2011 inspired by the shape of Poppyhead
  • the set is available in clear and in six basic Moser translucent colours
  • hand blown of ecologically friendly lead-free crystal
  • hand cut and hand polished
  • the designer's words: "I wanted to make a selection, which would show strong tradition, exceptional cutting skills and the sense of contemporary exaggeration.All of the above is MOSER for me. The glasses are inspired by poppy heads, whose shape and vertical linear rhythm I have always been fascinated by.The lines and edges running from the base of the glass right up to the top, give the shapes a feel of timeless buoyancy, resembling the royal chess pieces."