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Comfort 3172/40 cm, vase cut spools + lenses + sandbl., clear

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  • design: 2011, Jabůrek Lukáš, Czech Republic, the Fresh From Moser collection
  • height/colour: 40 cm/15.7 inch/clear
  • its designer, an outstanding artist, ranks among the world’s top glass cutters
  • high modern vase was designed in kinds of cutting: cut spool and cut lens
  • autors' words to the vase: "A unique opportunity to enter and experience the absorbing comfort, appealing to you with its distinctive style in every single piece. Comfort is an excellent craft associated with masterly skill and love. It gives one a pleasure that is valued and believed in. Every drop of sweat will create a unique bubble, magic in the glass that, when you look in, will reflect the whole story, our story."
  • hand blown of ecologically friendly lead-free crystal
  • hand cut and hand polished to a high gloss with matt areas around the cuts