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Drinking set Bar 16020 Hand cut drinking set Bar 16020 and glasses from Whisky set 26620

Design: 1934, Rudolf Eschler

Drinking set Mozart 18280 Hand cut drinking set Mozart 18280

Design: 1936, Tauschek Otto

Drinking set Brandy&Cognac 4669 Drinking set Brandy&Cognac 4669

Hand cut and gilded set for brandy or cognac

Drinking set Ophelia 27780 Hand cut drinking set Ophelia 27780

Design: 1982, Metelák Luboš

Drinking set Jubilee 27680 Hand cut and gilded drinking set Jubilee 27680

Design: 1982, Jelínek Vladimír

Drinking set Baroque 18500 Hand cut,and engraved drinking set Baroque 18500

Design: 1936, Zadikow Arnold